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9 Maths Hub Benefits

Nov 1, 2023

The 9 Benefits of Engaging Your Local Maths Hub

There are 40 Maths Hubs across England, which serve every state-funded school. Whether you work in a primary, secondary or post-16 setting, you are able to take advantage of what your local hub has to offer.

In Generate Teaching Hub’s area we have three Maths Hubs schools and trusts can contact:

  • Halton: Maths Hub Cheshire and Wirral
  • Warrington: Maths Hub Turing NW
  • Wigan: Maths Hub North West Three

The Maths Hubs Programme, coordinated by the NCETM, helps teachers, departments, schools and trusts to lead improvement in maths education, by providing a wide variety of professional development opportunities.

To explain their value, the NECTM have produced a feature sharing 9 reasons why school and trust leaders engage with their local Maths Hub:

1 Every state-funded school is within a hub area and has access to over 30 different projects
2 Maths Hubs prioritise quality, ongoing professional development – not just a ‘one-off’ course
3 Teaching for mastery focuses on all pupils being included and taught together
4 You can improve staff and pupil attitudes towards maths
5 Tailored CPD is available for support staff
6 High-quality CPD attracts teachers to work in your school
7 There are opportunities for you to progress in your career
8 Ofsted recommends us!
9 You get to collaborate with others

9 reasons to engage a maths hub
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