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Our vision is to connect teachers in Halton, Warrington and Wigan to great professional development.


Through the lead school of Warrington Primary Academy TrustEvelyn Street Primary School – we were commissioned by the Department for Education in March 2021 to support the professional development of teachers and leaders across Halton, Warrington and Wigan.

From this commission Generate Teaching Hub was created and the Teaching School Hub fully launched in September 2021.

Working alongside 86 other new hubs across England, we provide a local centre of professional development excellence for teacher development. We are tasked with delivery services such as the new Early Career Framework and reformed National Professional Qualifications, but also to understand local teacher development needs and assist partners – local and national – in meeting those needs.

Generate Teaching Hub Services Map August 2023

Generate Teaching Hub is led by professionals who are passionate about ensuring the right training and support is in place to assist colleagues. We are responsible for focusing high quality services to all teachers, from point of entry into the profession through to senior leadership roles.

All our activity is underpinned by a desire to be a catalyst for teacher development in our area, supporting the provision of high quality training and services that underpin a teacher’s career from entry in the profession through to senior leadership. Our approach is three-fold:

  • Generating Improvement We actively instigate and support progress in schools by encouraging innovation, starting new activities and inspiring continual improvement in teaching practice.
  • Generating Collaboration We have a proactive attitude to communicating with a wide network of partners to sustain the sharing, learning and promotion of excellent practice.
  • Generating Learning We create local change, having an impact on improving outcomes for our schools, their staff and ultimately benefiting the children in our area.

Led by a Strategic Board who will oversee the performance and impact of Generate Teaching Hub and are directly accountable to the Department for Education. Our core team and partners have been formed to reach across the whole Hub area and operate to the following key principles:

  • Children First We have high expectations for every child in our locality and our work underpins that expectation; at the heart of everything we do as an organisation is in the interest of children first and foremost.
  • Resilience We are unrelenting in our pursuit of excellence whether it is for educational outcomes, quality of service or for our business functions. We embrace change and seek to continually improve our offer and impact.
  • Pioneering We are passionate about learning what will improve children’s lives and their outcomes, placing innovation and the expansion of the practical application of what works at the core of our services.

To invite a representative of Generate Teaching Hub to meet with your colleagues or present at a local network please contact or call our office on 07897 280909; we would be delighted to take more opportunities to engage and learn about local partners.

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