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Annual Plans & Key Documents


Generate Teaching Hub is designated by the Department for Education as a Teaching School Hub. This means our remit and services must align with the conditions of our designation.

Over the next three years, we will be developing the role and expertise of the Hub to support the delivery of the reformed teacher development plans outlined by the Government.

We plan to produce the following documents to guide our services and priorities every year:


Annual Business Plan 2021/22 (published November 2021)

This contains are proposed structures, activities and plans for our first academic year 2020/21. From our learning in this first year we will prepare a more indepth activity plan for 2021/22 as our scale and reach grows.

Code of Conduct (published December 2021)

This code is signed by all 87 Teaching School Hubs in England and sets a common standard to our work.


Responsibility Matrix (published December 2021)

This matrix outlines the main roles of our Teaching School Hub as we offer teacher training and development services to Halton, Warrington and Wigan schools.


Stakeholder Map (published January 2022)

This map is under constant review and is a representation of the hundreds of schools and partners – both local and national – that connect to our remit as a Teaching School Hub.


CPD: Generate Teaching Hub Position Statement (to be published in January 2022)

This statement outlines our role in promoting CPD, what quality CPD is within a Teaching School Hub’s designation and our Theory of Change process behind our training.


Annual Area Needs Analysis Autumn 2021 (a full survey will be conducted every June)

This link is to a summary analysis of our first, pilot staff training and development needs survey undertaken in the Autumn Term 2021; an expanded survey will be conducted in the Summer Term 2022 – and results published – to influence our planning for the academic year 2022/23.


Annual Quality Assurance Report (a report is expected to be published every July)

Our Independent Hub Assessor will share their observations and recommendations at the end of every academic year to inform partners of our work and to influence our planning for the academic year 2022/23.


Details will be published from each of these documents on this website as they are produced / updated and local schools and partners will be involved in shaping and influencing their content.

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