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Teaching School Hubs are new services within the teacher development landscape. To assist in the understanding of our work Generate Teaching Hub has produced a list of Frequently Asked Questions and a Glossary of common abbreviations below. These will be regularly updated.

1. When does the Hub start?

All Teaching School Hubs (TSHs) must launch for September 2021. Designation was awarded in February 2021 and some practical tasks and roles have been given by the Department for Education (DfE) to TSHs to enable schools to be ready for the start of the 2021/22 academic year. Our introductory bulletin contains more details.

2. What is Generate Teaching Hub responsible for?

As a TSH we will be fulfilling several key roles in teacher development for our area:

3. What is happening to Teaching Schools?

From August 2021, current Teaching Schools will no longer be designated with this title; only Teaching School Hubs can use the term. However, teacher development activities by these key organisations can continue (e.g. CPD, SCITT, School Direct, etc.) but the DfE will not be offering further core funding to do this. Generate Teaching Hub is taking a ‘local first’ approach and wanting to support partners in sharing and showcasing their resources as well as earn income where possible.

4. How are the Teaching School Hubs working together?

We have formed a local network of TSHs in the Liverpool City Region and Greater Manchester area. From this we are meeting to share plans and understanding of this new role. The Teaching School Council is also arranging for weekly meetings to connect all 87 TSHs in the country.

5. Who is involved in the Hub?

Generate Teaching Hub is led by Warrington Primary Academy Trust. We are recruiting a core team to manage and administer programmes, events and networks. We have secured three local area lead partners to assist in local understanding, communication and building professional trust. These are:

6. Which ECF Lead Provider are you considering working with?

We have chosen Teach First as our Lead Provider. They have delivered the Early Roll Out programme in Wigan and have been chosen by 25 other TSHs. Our choice had to be made by the start of April 2021 to meet the DfE timescale. All Lead Providers and TSH’s are currently awaiting official confirmation of contracts from the DfE.

7. What training will be available for ECF mentors?

If a school chooses the Full Induction Programme with Generate Teaching Hub we will be able to provide a fully funded package of support to Mentors on the Early Career Framework. This will include an annual induction, 90 minute topic training and access to self-directed study on a bespoke portal. More detail has been uploaded to our website: www.generateteachinghub.org

We will also be promoting the NPQ in Teacher Development, a new qualification starting in the Autumn, targeted at promoting mentoring practice. Where appropriate we will promote more resources as mentoring for trainees, early career teachers and senior leaders is introduced and recognition of its value increases.

8. We have NQTs just finishing their first year with a provider who is not Teach First and are interested to know if we can transfer ECTs to you next year?

It is not recommended that any Early Career Teachers currently in Year 1 of the early roll out stage switch providers for Year 2; this is to ensure continuity of training and support. Schools can choose to work with Generate Teaching Hub for ECTs starting their Year 1 programme in September 2021 which their early roll out colleagues complete the Year 2 training.

9. What support will the Generate Teaching Hub provide for schools in relation to the ECF and induction changes for new teachers?

We are offering an extensive programme of support to schools for this statutory change. We have arranged a series of free webinars for schools to learn more and are sharing information leaflets. To book a place on a webinar please got to: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/warringtonprimaryacademytrust

10. How does a school register their Early Career Teacher?

At the end of April the DfE began sending out an email to all schools recently. The email will allow a school to register their intention to employ an Early Career Teacher/s from September 2021 via this site: https://manage-training-for-early-career-teachers.education.gov.uk/

We do not know what email account was used but it was most likely sent to the official office@ email address for each school. If you have not received it a re-send option is available from the bottom of the webpage. The DfE team behind the portal can be contacted directly on continuing-professional-development@digital.education.gov.uk.

11. How do I change our chosen ECF Route?

If you have chosen Route 2 or 3 – the Core Induction Programme or School Led Programme – you can change to Route 1 – the Full Induction Programme. Please register your interest with Generate Teaching Hub here and add your desire to change in the Q11. We will then liaise with Teach First who can inform the DfE of your change of preference (please note this is a manual change that may not be officially confirmed on your portal preference immediately).

12. What happens to NQTs who have not completed their full year’s induction before September 2021?

The Early Career Framework only applies to teachers who have not yet started their induction as of September 2021. If an NQT is part way through their induction year at the end of the Summer 2021 term, they must continue with the planned programme as currently arranged by the school (or partner agency) and complete their three terms as an NQT. Schools are asked to seek their Appropriate Body for approval of this plan and to be mindful that the Early Career Framework materials are now available to utilise / reference. The teacher does not need to register as an Early Career Teacher.

13. What is your role as an Appropriate Body?

Teaching School Hubs have been designated as an Appropriate Body along with Local Authorities and two national providers. We will be offering an AB service and are communicating with our Local Authority partners as the full 2-year Early Career Framework is rolled out.

14. What will Appropriate Body assessment and progress reviews look like?

The DfE have announced some significant changes for the Appropriate Body service from the Autumn. Local Authorities, Teaching School Hubs and two national agencies can offer the service. Schools who choose the Full Induction Package for the early Career Framework will have no fidelity checks. For the other two options more detailed checks will apply. Providers are confirming their services and prices for these different options at present. More details will be added to our website soon.

15. Which curriculum areas will you focus on?

We have no specific curriculum focus, our role is to understand, enable and promote the right teacher development offer for schools in our area across all phases and specialisms.

16. What is the frequency and timing of your CPD going to be?

We do not yet have a programme of CPD for our first year but are working on it. Our aim is to promote local existing provision and expertise, signposting more colleagues to opportunities across the area. Our CPD must be identified as meeting a need or gap in local provision and we will be undertaking a needs and provision analysis to inform this.

17. We deliver Initial Teacher Training, can we continue to do so now there is a Teaching School Hub in our area?

Yes you can, the Teaching School Hub structure does not change your Initial Teaching Training arrangements. Our role is to understand what ITT is happening in our area and promote opportunities for those entering teaching. The DfE is undertaking a market review due in the summer and Generate Teaching Hub will share the outcome of the review with partners.

18. How will consistency of high quality trainee recruitment be ensured?

Generate Teaching Hub will not be involved in the delivery of Initial Teacher Training by existing partners but we will be seeking to understand, learn and share how high quality is best maintained in all aspects of teacher development. We will continue to deliver our own School Direct programme – as we do now through Warrington Teaching School Alliance – accredited by Liverpool Hope University.

19. Will there be regular communication rather than an instruction to ‘visit’ an online platform to search for updates?

We will be undertaking a range of communications to schools and partners. A regular news and resource update will be widely distributed, a social media presence will be maintained and our news page on the website will be refreshed as things change. Hub colleagues will be proactive in visiting networks and forums to engage a wide range of stakeholders. We will also be arranging engagement groups to encourage feedback and support the sharing of intelligence for teacher development across the hub area. You will find lots of useful information on our website.

20. How do leaders apply to train to deliver the new NPQs?

We have chosen a national provider for our NPQs (National Professional Qualifications), subject to DfE confirmation, this will be Best Practice Network. They will be issuing a process for training facilitators very soon and the first cohort of participants will start in November 2021.

22. Will the Generate Teaching Hub be delivering School Improvement?

No, school improvement is not in our remit and arrangements for this still sit with the Teaching School Council. Naturally, teacher development should have a positive impact of school improvement and we are interested in assessing the value of our training. We will actively support systems leader colleagues in any practical way we can.

23. What is happening to NLEs, LLEs and SLEs – are they part of the Hub now?

Teaching School Hubs are not tasked with managing roles such as NLEs, LLEs and SLEs. There is a reform of NLEs underway which the DfE will announce once agreed. The DfE have advised that, “Existing SLEs will retain their designation; the designation period will continue to be 4 years. There will be no further SLE designations after the end of this academic year. From September 2021, teachers and system leaders should look to other programmes and qualifications such as curriculum hubs and the new NPQs for professional development and accreditation.”

Glossary of Terms

DfE    Department for Education
ECF   Early Career Framework
ECT   Early Career Teacher (what was termed an NQT or an RQT)
NPQ  National Professional Qualification
TSC   Teaching School Council
TSH   Teaching School Hub

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