November 2023

November 2023 Professional Development Bulletin

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Welcome to our 2nd bulletin of this academic year. Our pattern is to broadcast a detailed update every half term to all schools, trusts and education settings in Halton, Warrington and Wigan.

Listed below are quick links to our core content to allow the reader to access the material most relevant to them.

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Bulletin Contents

01 Teaching School Hub Update – Click Here

Learn about our Theory of Change which explains why we exist and how we fulfil our DfE designation as the Teaching School Hub for ALL schools in Halton, Warrington and Wigan.

02 Utilising the Early Career Framework Offer – Click Here

Details on accessing the 2-year support package for schools recruiting Early Career Teachers starting in January 2024.

03 Early Career Teacher News – Click Here

The latest news and information for all our cohorts of Early Career Teachers on our year 1 and 2 Teach First licenced ECF programme; plus a request for participant feedback.

04 ECF Mentor Briefing – Click Here

Updates for all our Early Career Framework mentors on the next module, a request for feedback and NPQ options.

05 Appropriate Body Service – Click Here

Informing school leaders about the assessment of ECT inductions and the next submission deadline (8th December).

06 Specialist NPQs – Click Here

Explaining the suite of 5 specialist NPQs that teachers can choose from and how to register for the next fully funded round starting in February 2024 – this now includes the new NPQ in Leading Primary Maths!

07 Leaders Insight – Click Here

The latest policy and report updates on professional development for school and trust leaders; plus, options for fully funded leadership NPQ applications (starting in February 2024) and the small schools NPQ grant.

08 Initial Teacher Training Info – Click Here

Information on support for initial teacher training partners and Accredited Providers through our ITT Peer Network and details on the teaching school hub role in mapping and supporting schools and trusts to engage in teacher training.

09 CPD & Events – Click Here

Sign up teachers who are 3 or 4 years post QTS to a new 1-year development programme starting in Spring 2024. Designed with local leaders in response to continued but tailored support for teachers who have completed their induction. Bookings now open.

10 Curriculum Hub Updates – Click Here

A list of the latest news and resources for local schools and trusts from Maths, English, Computing, Science and Early Years Hubs.

11 Research Networks – Click Here

Sharing evidence based resources and news from the EEF and our research schools; this month we highlight 3 reports published into teacher recruitment and retention.

12 Workforce Resources – Click Here

This month we highlight the fully funded coaching for teachers on parental leave from the MTPT project starting in December.

13 Professional Development News – Click Here

Our EYFS lead has published another blog on communication sharing 6 actions to generate quality interactions with children.

Please share the links and content with colleagues in your school, trust or networks across Halton, Warrington and Wigan.

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