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Appropriate Body April 2024 Update

Apr 21, 2024

Appropriate Body April/May 2024 Update

This update is written for school leaders responsible for the induction of early career teachers in their school who have registered Generate Teaching Hub as their appropriate body.

Spring Term Progress Reviews and Assessments

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted last term’s progress reviews and assessments by the deadline of 15th March. We know how busy the Spring Term is for our colleagues in schools and we appreciate the support you give your ECTs, by ensuring their statutory induction processes are up to date.

Once again, our assessors and Appropriate Body Board enjoyed reading the reports and following the progress of the ECTs in our area. They all noted that the quality of reports had further improved since last term and that the vast majority were evaluative with clear reference to both the Teachers’ Standards and evidence of the ECT’s practice.

A few points to consider when writing next term’s reports:

Depending on how far into induction the ECT has progressed, more or less detail may be suitable:

  • Term 1: it is probably most helpful to concentrate on the teacher’s personal and professional conduct and how well the relationships are working (TS1, TS8 and professional standard).
  • Term 2: it is probably most helpful to consider how likely the teacher is to require additional support and consider their progress across each of the Teachers’ Standards, helping to ensure that there are no surprises when they have their first formal assessment in Term 3.
  • Terms 4 and 5: for teachers who have been consistently on track to meet the Teachers’ Standards, these reviews can afford to be the lightest touch and focus on anything that has emerged to derail progress.
  • Where possible, do make explicit reference to the Teachers’ Standards. This will help you when writing the Formal Assessments at the end of Year 1 and Year 2.
  • When referencing evidence to support evaluative statements, consider where this is sourced e.g. lesson observation, book look etc and try to include a range of evidence. This shouldn’t be additional but part of the ongoing monitoring and evaluation processes of your school. If you wish to, you can save a copy of the lesson observation feedback to the Documents tab of ECT Manager for each teacher. This may be useful to refer to in Progress Reviews and Assessment Reports, as well as providing a record should the ECT move schools.
  • Further strengthen targets so it is very specific and it is clear on how they will achieve the target identified eg ‘improve behaviour management’ can be very broad but clear, incremental targets focusing on when, with, who and specific strategies identified make it more achievable for the ECT and easier to monitor.
  • It is really important that ECTs take the opportunity to comment on their report and reflect on their own practice and progress. This could include a direct commentary about the impact of their professional development and support on their practice, and subsequent learner outcomes. Look out for the information on the ECT page of your next Progress Review or Assessment which help to guide you.

In the Resources Section of ECT Manager, there are some examples of good practice which are a useful starting point when writing reviews and assessments.

However, if you do have any questions do contact Cath O’Neill or Deb Sharples, who will be happy to help. Contact😊

Summer Term Dates

For those of you planning ahead, the Summer Term Progress Reviews and Formal Assessments will be available to complete on ECT Manager, from 21st June and need to be submitted by 5th July

Thank you

Thank you to our Induction Tutors and Mentors for all of your hard work in supporting your ECT.

We know that these roles are often one of many assigned to a teacher and we appreciate the time and importance that you give this.

Finally, please do contact Cath O’Neill, AB Co-ordinator, if you require any support on 

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