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Appropriate Body March 2024 Update

Feb 29, 2024

Appropriate Body March 2024 Update

Quality Assurance Visits

Over the last half term, our AB Team have had the privilege to visit some schools in our area and meet with Induction Tutors, ECTs and Mentors. It has been great to find out about the good practice that is taking place and the support that ECTs are getting, despite the many challenges that schools face.

As part of our designation from the DfE, we have to quality assure the induction process in at least 10% of our AB schools each year. The visits provide a useful platform for discussion and clarity around induction and are a supportive and developmental mechanism to ensure that ECTs receive the very best induction to the profession.

ECT Check-ins

Our AB Co-ordinator, Cath O’Neill, recently contacted all ECTs via ECT Manger to check-in on their progress, well-being and to remind them of their statutory entitlements, as an ECT.

Cath is the named person for our Appropriate Body and is the first point of contact for ECTs. If you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of your induction, do contact Cath

End of Term Reviews & Assessments

From 1st March, Progress Review forms and Formal and Final Assessment forms will be available on ECT Manager for Induction Tutors to complete.

Once completed, ECTs will be able to access the forms to read and add their comments, before they are digitally signed and submitted.

The deadline for completion is 15th March.

After this date, system generated reminders will be sent by ECT Manager until the signed and completed forms are submitted.

There are comprehensive user manuals on ECT Manager to support you in navigating the system and completing your reports.

There are also examples of good practice in the Resources Section of ECT Manager, which you may find helpful. However, do contact Cath O’Neill, AB Co-ordinator, if you require any support

Thank you

Thank you to our Induction Tutors and Mentors for all of your hard work in supporting your ECT.

We know that these roles are often one of many assigned to a teacher and we appreciate the time and importance that you give this.

Finally, please do contact Cath O’Neill, AB Co-ordinator, if you require any support

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