Calling all Year 11 GCSE French students!

Jun 14, 2022

A team of researchers at the University of York are trying to recruit as many Year 11 students of GCSE French as possible to take part in a research study after they finish their exams. Each student who participates in the study will receive up to £35 in Amazon vouchers!

Their time would be needed at the end of June or in July, the University of York would like to let Year 11 Students know now, while schools still have at least some contact with them.

Please circulate the attached flyer to Year 11 students either via email, virtual learning platforms, and/or in-person during any final revision sessions.

Your help will make a real difference to what is known about the knowledge and skills that students have at the point of taking their GCSEs.

If you do not have Year 11 students—or if you have used more than five NCELP resources with your Year 11s—then please pass this on to other teachers in your school or other schools who may be interested in helping.

See the link below for more information, including a short video, about the study. The page also includes a student consent form and a link to a parental consent form for students under the age of 16. Note that all data will be fully anonymised.


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