Amanda Quirk EYFS Lead

Early Years Foundation Stage

Generate Teaching Hub’s staff team includes Amanda Quirk, a highly experienced Early Years Foundation Stage (ERYFS) consultant and teacher.

During her 30 year career, Amanda has amassed a wealth of practical knowledge and resources to share with colleagues. She is a sought after expert to whom school leaders turn when they need to implement change in the classroom quickly. Amanda is also a highly emotionally intelligent consultant, working with colleagues’ strengths to elicit sustained improvement. She maintains an up to date knowledge of policy and curriculum change to bring wider good practice into the classroom.

Working across the North West region, Amanda has led a large number of successful projects and in-school interventions including:

  • The Make A Difference project, a programme of CPD and support to EYFS practitioners in 56 schools in disadvantaged areas across seven local authorities with 2,000 children. Evaluated by Cumbria University the programme made a tangible difference to children’s literacy. The project was as effective for children identified as disadvantaged: 97% of participants reported some level of impact, with 58% at a high level of impact.
  • Maths and Boys’ Literacy Extended (MABLE) was a celebrated project introducing an approach to EYFS practice aimed at improving math and boys literacy outcomes in Early Years settings across the North West. Focussed on disadvantaged areas in Warrington, Halton and St Helens the project reached 52 PVI providers and 38 schools that were achieving low Good Level of Development scores. After involvement in the project, we found that significant improvements had been identified in maths, boys’ literacy, children’s development, early years teaching practice, teaching environment, parental engagement, transition and moderation.

Currently, Amanda is working in four schools across the North West and West Midlands on a long term basis to sustain improvements to the curriculum offered and mentor EYFS leaders to sustain this change.

This month, Amanda our EYFS expert is delivering 4 workshops around self-regulation, speech, language, and communication for teachers within Early Years settings.

Evidence tells us that children’s speech and language has been affected during the pandemic, https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0194599820978247 and we also know that the link between disadvantaged background and speech and language is also an important factor. The Oxford University Press, “Why closing the word gap matters, 2018” tells us that children from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to have lower language and communication skills that can impact their school learning. word-gap.pdf (oup.com.cn)

Any teacher or school leaders in Halton, Warrington or Wigan that would like to talk to Amanda for EYFS advice and guidance can contact her directly on aquirk@wpat.uk

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