EYFS Research & Resources

EYFS Research & Resources

EYFS Research

Evidence tells us that children’s speech and language has been affected during the pandemic, and we also know that the link between disadvantaged background and speech and language is also an important factor.

The Oxford University Press, Why Closing the Word Gap Matters (2018) tells us that children from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to have lower language and communication skills that can impact their school learning.

For more evidence informed insight, the EEF’s EYFS Evidence Store contains pedagogy and processes that support practice change and is available for all to access and is being constantly updated with new resources.

Library of resources.

EYFS Resources

Generate Teaching Hub has compiled an extensive resource page, containing links to EYFS, curriculum and teaching practice.

If there is information missing from the resource list that you are seeking please contact Amanda Quirk, our EYFS lead, for advice and guidance on aquirk@wpat.uk or call 07897 280909.

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