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Computing CPD Summer Term

Apr 12, 2024

Computing CPD Summer Term 2024

In Halton and Warrington schools can access a range of computer training  from Warrington and Merseyside Computing Hub – both remote and in person – during the summer term:

  • An Introduction to algorithms, programming and data in computer science
  • An introduction to algorithms, programming and data in GCSE computer science
  • An introduction to computer systems, networking and security in GCSE computer science
  • Assessment and progression in KS3 computing
  • Assessment of primary computing
  • Computing Quality Framework – driving change within your primary school – short course
  • Developing and supporting programming within your primary school
  • Foundation knowledge of computer science for KS3 and GCSE
  • Getting started in Year 4
  • Higher attainment in computer science – meeting the challenges of the exams
  • Inclusive Computing in Primary Schools
  • Introduction to primary computing
  • Introduction to the micro:bit in key stage 2
  • KS4 computing for all
  • Leading primary computing – module 1
  • Online safety through primary computing
  • Physical computing kit – KS2 Crumble
  • Physical computing kit – KS3 micro:bit
  • Physical computing kit – KS4 Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Physical computing kits – KS1 BeeBots
  • Physical computing kits – KS2 data loggers
  • Python programming constructs: sequencing, selection and iteration – face to face
  • Solving computational problems in KS3 computing
  • Supporting GCSE computer science students at grades 1-3
  • Teaching GCSE computer science pedagogy for programming – face to face
  • Teaching programming using Scratch and Scratch Jr
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