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Early Career Framework – Free Access to Materials

Oct 26, 2021

Early Career Framework – Free Access to Materials

The foundational materials behind the Early Career Framework are available for any school leader or teacher to view.

The Department for Education ensured that when the national providers prepared the new Early Career Framework (ECF) programmes for new teachers – now known as Early Career Teachers – materials should be easily accessed.

To assist schools in operating their own programme and also for the professional interest of school teachers and leaders, core material from the national providers can be viewed for FREE here.

These freely available materials have been provided by four national providers:

Each set of materials cover the five core areas of the ECF:

  • Behaviour Management
  • Pedagogy
  • Curriculum
  • Assessment
  • Professional Behaviours

Although structured differently, each programme is built upon the published, evidence based framework.

The ECF was designed to make sure Early Career Teachers focus on learning the things that make the most difference in the classroom and their professional practice in order to develop the essential knowledge and skills to set them up for a successful and fulfilling career in teaching.

These materials will be available online until August 2022.

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