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Early Career Framework March 2024 Update

Feb 29, 2024

Early Career Framework March 2024

April Cohorts of ECTs and Mentors

Registrations are now open for our April Cohort of ECTs and Mentors.

If you have a new ECT and haven’t yet registered them, then please follow the steps below to register them to ensure that they have full access to the ECF, are registered with an Appropriate Body and that your school receives the correct funding

  1. Register ECT with the Appropriate Body using this link: if you are a new school you will need to fill the ‘Register your School’ blue box, on the right of this document.
  2. Register ECT and mentor on the DfE portal if you don’t have an account for this you can click ‘request access’ at the bottom and it will guide you through the process of registering.

Dates for your Diary


April 2023 Cohort

Year 2 Induction Day for ECTs will be online and is Thursday 18th April from 9.00-12.30.

Confirmation of dates and times were not finalised at the time of publication, but will be updated and shared asap, for:

  • Year 2 Induction Day for Mentors
  • Year 1 Induction Day for ECTs
  • Year 1 Induction Day for New Mentors

Change in circumstances and withdrawals from the ECF

There are many times during the school year, when an ECT may leave a school.

Don’t forget to let us know so we can withdraw them from the ECF programme and pause their training until they take up a new post.

In order to confirm a change in circumstance or withdrawal, please email and include:

  • ECT/Mentor name and school with the change or withdrawal reason.
  • If a deferral (such as for maternity leave) the expected return date.
  • If an ECT is leaving, whether the mentor will continue training or withdraw.

For local questions about the ECF offer from Generate Teaching Hub please contact

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