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Early Career Framework

Oct 16, 2023

Utilising the Early Career Framework Offer

After a very busy first half-term of registrations, inductions, seminars and supporting schools with Appropriate Body changes (amongst many other things!), we are now looking forward to the Spring Term.

If have recently recruited, or in the process of recruiting ECTs please complete the following steps to register them for their ECF training and Induction.

ECT Registration for September 2023

Although the ECF is now very much part of the education language, feedback has highlighted the need for clarity around the roles and responsibilities of the key people in school who support ECTs, particularly the Induction Tutor and Mentor.

  • The Mentor has a really important role to play in supporting the ECT by meeting weekly (Year 1)/ fortnightly (Year 2) for structured mentor sessions to provide effective targeted feedback. This will be informed and supported by the seminars and self-directed study materials. By working collaboratively with the ECT and other school colleagues, the mentor ensures that the ECT receives a high quality ECF based induction programme.
  • The Induction Tutor is responsible for looking after the whole induction process and ensuring that the school enables the ECT to access all their entitlements. They assess the ECT against the Teachers’ Standards by carrying out regular progress reviews and assessments. They also co-ordinate support and guidance for the ECT and take prompt action when an ECT may be having difficulties.

The Mentor and Induction Tutor are two discrete roles with differing responsibilities and it is expected that the roles should be held by different individuals.

For further guidance and information around the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the ECF, please see Induction for Early Career Teachers (England) published by the DfE.

For local questions about the ECF offer from Generate Teaching Hub please contact

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