Appropriate Body

Generate Teaching Hub can provide an Appropriate Body Service


In addition to Local Authorities, Generate Teaching Hub can provide an Appropriate Body service from September 2021.

A leaflet explaining our service, the choices and prices to schools can be viewed here. We will primarily offer support to schools choosing the ECF Full Induction Programme with Generate Teaching Hub.

To register with our service school leaders need to complete a registration form (see below) and our team will be in touch to explain our progress and assessment plans.

Listed below are our core documents:

Complete a registration form and return it to to join our service, or call our team on 07897 280909 for more details.

[Please note the forms above are regularly updated (last changed on 01.05.22), it is requested that Induction Tutors download the latest form from this page when completing returns]


Other local Appropriate Body providers can be accessed through the following links:

A full list of Appropriate Body organisations can be found here.


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