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The Early Career Framework (ECF) is a fully-funded, two-year package of structured training and guidance for Early Career Teachers (ECTs).

The ECF is at the heart of the Department for Education’s teacher recruitment and retention strategy to transform the support teachers get at the beginning of their careers. It’s informed by the best available research and ensures you have the dedicated time you need to focus on your ECTs’ development.

From September 2021, all ECTs, no matter how they initially trained, newly qualified teachers will be required to complete the ECF; it will replace the current one-year induction. The training starts at the beginning of a teacher’s first year in teaching and continues throughout the following year.

You can download a brochure to learn more but as a guide being involved in the ECF with Generate Teaching Hub will involve over two year:

  • An annual Induction of 6 hours.
  • Access to a dedicated online learning platform called Brightspace.
  • Self-directed study equal to 45 min per half-term.
  • 18 Seminars of 90 minutes in length in a set locally based cohort, led by local school leaders.
  • Weekly mentoring with your in-school mentor (moving to fortnightly in year 2).
  • 6 termly demonstration and observation sessions (in year 2)

The ECF complements your induction and provides you with a structured development and support package as you start your career in teaching.

Part time teachers can complete the ECF in just two years, even if their Induction with the Appropriate Body takes longer.

If you have questions about the ECF and your participation please contact

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