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Induction Tutors Coordinate Engagement in the ECF


The Early Career Framework (ECF) is a fully-funded, two-year package of structured training and guidance for Early Career Teachers (ECTs). The ECF is at the heart of the Department for Education’s (DfE) teacher recruitment and retention strategy to transform the support teachers get at the beginning of their careers. It’s informed by the best available research and ensures you have the dedicated time you need to focus on your ECTs’ development.

Induction Tutors are chosen by their school and the role is fulfilled by a separate person to the school based Mentor. Their purpose is to coordinate engagement in the ECF and also liaise with the chosen Appropriate Body to ensure and ECT completes their induction to teaching.

An induction tutor is responsible, in partnership with their Headteacher, for:

  • Registering their school with the DfE’s own national portal and keeping details up dated
  • Registering the ECT on a suitable ECF programme – Generate Teaching Hub offer the Full induction Programme in partnership with Teach First
  • Attending Generate teaching Hub’s annual briefings and completing local forms as required
  • Appointing and liaising with an Appropriate Body and complying with any fidelity checks for the ECT’s induction period.

An explanation of the role of an Induction Tutor, Mentor and ECT can be found in detail within the DfE Induction Handbook for School Leaders.

The ECF is fully funded by the DfE. Schools receive funding to reduce an Early Career Teacher’s timetable in year one of the programme by 10% plus PPA time. They will also receive an additional amount to allow for the 5% reduction in timetable plus PPA time in year two of the ECF programme. Schools will also receive funding to provide mentors with time to both work with their ECT and also engage with training. Funding schools receive is dependent on mentors and ECTs engaging with the programme. Teach First will collect engagement data for all programme members, which will be shared with the DfE.

Over view details of the ECF programme can be found in our presentation material here.

To register for the ECF programme or if you have questions please contact or call 01925 202255.

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