Registering a New ECT

Registering a New ECT


It can be quite overwhelming ensuring that your Early Career Teacher (ECT) and Early Career Mentor (ECM) are registered with all elements of the Early Career Framework (ECF) and their teaching induction. That is why the team at Generate Teachnig Hub have made a quick check breakdown – see below – of the three steps to ECT registration.

It is important to note that the Induction Tutor is the member of staff required to complete these steps, not the ECT or ECM.

The important links an Induction Tutor needs are:

  1. DfE Portal – this informs the Department for Education that you are joining an ECF programme and ensures the validation checks are completed.
  2. Generate ECF registration form – this means we know all about your ECT and ECM and can allocate them to an appropriate local cohort in Halton, Warrington or Wigan.
  3. Appropriate Body – all ECTs must be registered promptly with an Approproate Body to validate their induction.


If you have a scenario not listed below, or require further information please contact the Generate Teaching Hub team on for guidance.

Please note, Induction Tutors can also keep up to date with the latest information from the DfE about how to use their ECF portal.

3 steps to registering an ECT

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