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ECF Mentor News July 2024

ECF Mentor Briefing for July 2024

This news page is for all experienced teachers and leaders registered as Early Career Mentors with Generate Teaching Hub.

Dedicated CPD

The Teach First ECF Mentor Programme is dedicated CPD for you. Over the two years, you will develop a whole range of skills, as well as becoming familiar with the most up to date research and evidence base for teaching and learning.

This is a great opportunity to be learning alongside your ECT. However, in some cases, as a new mentor, you may be supporting a Year 2 ECT. We understand that this can be a little confusing if you are completing Year 1 Mentor Training and your ECT is on Year 2 ECF training.

As always, if you would like further support with this, do get in touch 

Year 1 Mentors

Congratulations on completing your first year of Early Career Mentor training, and a big thank you from us! The impact that you will have had on your ECT/s and their practice, and therefore pupil outcomes is extremely valuable.
As we head towards the new academic year, we are pleased to confirm your Welcome Conference Dates for September 2024.
Please CLICK here to view the date and location for your local area.

Year 2 Mentors

A very, very quick message to say THANK YOU! Thank you for your commitment to mentoring your ECT/s over the last 2 years. The impact that you will have had on their practice, and therefore pupil outcomes is extremely valuable.
Your training is now complete, however if you would like to continue your journey on the ‘Golden Thread’ please see details of the NPQs available HERE.

We hope to continue supporting your teaching career, in the near future – and thank you once again.

Thank you

For any questions about your training or the ECF offer from Generate Teaching Hub please contact

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