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ECT Registrations for September 2024

Registering your ECT’s Induction, and your ECT and mentor training.

 All ECTs are entitled to a 2 year Induction at the start of their teaching career. If you have an ECT that has any length of time left to complete on their induction, please ensure you register them using the quick two step process below.

To register your ECT for their INDUCTION (Assessments and Progress Reviews) CLICK HERE to register with us as their Appropriate Body.

To register your ECT and Mentor for their ECF TRAINING (providing access to online learning, and securing your funding) CLICK HERE to register with the DfE portal.

If you will be using Generate Teaching Hub as your training provider for the ECF, we work with Teach First as the Lead Provider. Please select this on the DfE portal.

What happens after I register my ECT and mentor?

  • Once you have registered with the Appropriate Body, the ECT’s QTS will be checked with the TRA, once confirmed their Induction will commence on the date you have provided. We will be in touch if we need further information, and ahead of any deadlines for Assessments or Reviews.
  • Any ECT and Mentor starting Year 1 or Year 2 of their ECF training should attend mandatory ECF Welcome Conference in September. There are separate dates for ECTs and Mentors within each local area, please see the published dates listed here.
  • Your ECT and Mentor will receive their training cohort information.   Brand new ECTs and mentors (who have not yet completed any ECF training) will receive the remainder of their delivery dates in early September. ECTs and mentors in term 2-6 of their ECF training will receive delivery dates from 15th July 2024.
  • ECTs and mentors will receive access to Brightspace (their online learning platform) from 5th September 2024.

For any questions about your training or the ECF offer from Generate Teaching Hub please contact

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