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EEF Improving Literacy in Key Stage 2 Guide

Nov 28, 2022 | Latest News

Updated Key Stage 2 Literacy Resources

The EEF has updated its guidance for Key Stage 2 Literacy.

Access the Guidance Here

This free resource includes the following recommendations:

  1. Purposeful speaking and listening activities support pupils’ language development. Purposeful activities include:
    • collaborative learning activities where pupils can share their thought processes;
    • reading books aloud and discussing them, including use of structured questioning;
    • and pupils articulating their ideas verbally before writing.
  2. Promote high-quality dialogue in the classroom, between the teacher and the pupils and between pupils, to support pupils to develop their thinking and use of language. Extend pupils’ vocabulary by explicitly teaching new words, providing repeated exposure to new words, and providing opportunities for pupils to use new words.
EEF improving ks2 literacy guide
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