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English Hubs School Access Check

Jun 23, 2023

English Hubs Access Check

St John Vianney English Hub is inviting primary schools in Wigan to share 2 minutes of information to update their records and understanding of local SSP (Systematic, Synthetic, Phonics) programmes.

Phonics SSP Directory

St. John’s Vianney English Hub are compiling a directory of the SSPs that schools use across their identified supported local areas.

The aim of this is to promote information sharing across the local area, help schools share good practice and identify opportunities for peer support and joint CPD.

Please complete the details if you would like your school to appear in this directory of SSPs. This information will only be shared amongst the schools in the directory and will not include contact details for your school.

English Hubs Mailing List

St John Vianney English Hub is updating its mailing list. Schools and teachers in Wigan interested in their services are requested to add / update their details via the link below.

St john vianney english hub
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