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Evidence-informed Practice in the Early Years

Jun 28, 2022

Evidence-informed Practice in the Early Years

This bespoke course for EYFS practitioners in Warrington, will, through an EYFS lens, focus on a different guidance report in each module and the theme of Social and Emotional Learning woven throughout.

Delegates will:
• develop their understanding on how to use research to make evidence-informed decisions that impact positively on pupil outcomes
• develop their understanding of how to translate the evidence into practical strategies to provide high quality Early Years teaching and learning
• develop their understanding of successful implementation
• work on short research tasks related to each module and then focus on one area to create a more detailed case study of evidence in action
Who should take part in this programme?
• Senior leaders and key stage leaders from EYFS. Attendees will need a deep understanding of their organisation and the authority to afford change within it
• Delegates need to fully commit to the programme. It is vital that delegates are allocated with the necessary time, space and technology to attend all sessions, complete gap tasks and engage in programme evaluation

For more information please see the flyer here.

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