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Leaders Insight April 2024

Apr 21, 2024

Leaders Insight for April & May 2024

Leadership NPQs have expanded!

We are now offering all 5 leadership NPQs for school and trust leaders in Halton, Warrington and Wigan in the Autumn 2024 term.

The DfE have awarded licences to deliver the new NPQ for SENCos to start this coming Autumn term. This replaces the current SENCo qualification.

Leadership NPQs for teachers in Halton Warrington and Wigan

**Autumn 2024 NPQ Funding**

Recruitment for the Autumn 2024 cohorts will start soon.

The DfE have announced that funding for the next leadership NPQ cohort will mainly be targeted towards schools that work in areas of higher deprivation.

Funding for leadership NPQs will be limited but in summary all state schools will be eligible for fully-funded places on the:

  • NPQ in Headship.
  • Early Headship Coaching Offer.
  • NPQ for SENCOs

For all other leadership NPQs, schools with the highest 50% of pupil premium pupils will be eligible for fully funded places, as well as early years and 16 to 19 educational settings identified as having high disadvantage.

Whilst eligibility has been set, availability of funded places will be limited. Early applications are required to have the opportunity of subsidised CPD.

The DfE are currently confirming access to the funded places and will re-open their online registration system to check eligibility in July.

To consider your leadership NPQ options and register intent to join a cohort in Autumn 2024 please view details of the courses here: 

Ofsted Big Listen

Ofsted has opened a consultation to seek views about their work with schools, children’s social care, teacher training and early years.

Access more information and links to the survey here.

OECD School Absenteeism Seminar 30th April

The OECD is hosting an international seminar on the post-Covid rise in absenteeism rates that education systems are experiencing around the world.

Register for No Child Left Behind: Tackling the School Absenteeism Crisis 30th April from 1pm here.

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