NPQ in Executive Leadership

NPQ in Executive Leadership

Generate Teaching Hub is proud to be working with Best Practice Network (BNP) to deliver FULLY FUNDED National Professional Qualification in Executive Leadership to colleagues across Halton, Warrington and Wigan area.

Who is the NPQEL for?

An NPQ in Executive Leadership (known as NPQEL) is suitable for leaders who are or aspire to be, executive leaders with responsibility across more than one school – download a brochure.

Generate Teaching Hub is coordinating local cohorts of teachers to complete the NPQEL, using experienced school leaders from our area. Cohorts start in September and February in each academic year.

What is involved in an NPQEL?

The frameworks for all NPQs have been updated and expanded for Autumn 2021 and draw from the very latest evidence and research into pedagogy, behaviour, curriculum and more.

To provide support to school leaders the NPQEL has been updated and extensively reformed, and is now:

  • Fully funded to state school teachers (subject to checks);
  • 18 months in length;
  • Provides 6 hours of induction;
  • Blends 6 days of facilitated training with 3 online learning courses;
  • Offers 10 hours of performance coaching;
  • Requires 35 hours of formative assessment tasks, spread throughout the programme, to support the in-school application of learning;
  • With a summative assessment completed over an additional 3 months.

In addition, for new Headteachers, an optional personalised coaching and support programme is offered (fully funded) to operate alongside the NPQH (subject to eligibility checks).

How much does an NPQH cost?

There is currently no cost for teachers from state schools. The DfE announced in October 2021 that ALL leadership NPQs were fully funded to state school applicants (subject to checks and availability). The price for the NPQH is normally £4,095.

This full funding is limited and subject to change, so prompt applications are recommended.

To apply individual applicants must take two steps:

  1. Go to and complete the application form. When registering please ensure you:
  • Have informed your line manager of your application and identified a ‘sponsor’ to endorse your application.
  • Choose DfE Scholarship funding from the Introduction tab for the fully funded option.
  • Select Generate TSH from the drop down menu in the Engagement route section – this will help ensure your access to local delivery.

2. You will then be directed to also register on a DfE portal to ensure your eligibility.

For more information contact to join our service, or call 07897 280909.

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