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Jul 27, 2023

Maths Hub Resources for Teachers

The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) has shared some quick access resources for teachers of Maths in Primary and Secondary phases.

Podcast: Maths Vocabulary

In this short podcast (19 minutes) a Primary maths lead in an area of high social and economic deprivation explains how a mastery approach to teaching precise mathematical vocabulary is giving pupils a voice.

Podcast: Secondary Mastery Specialists

In a 20 minute podcast, two Secondary Mastery Specialists explain the benefits of mastery to them, their departments, and their students.

Ofsted Review of Maths Teaching

Ofsted has published a review of how maths is taught, along with its recommendations about the subject.

Coordinating Mathematical Success, identifies a range of points, including:

  • Schools can benefit from adopting a consistent approach to designing and implementing the curriculum, with an emphasis on content and ‘small steps’ sequencing.
  • Pupils need to learn strategies to solve different types of problems, and teaching should be planned to allow them to develop a range of strategies over time so that they are able to select an effective and appropriate strategy.
  • Teachers, including non-specialists, should receive the necessary professional development, including subject knowledge and subject-specific pedagogical knowledge, to teach maths effectively.
  • Schools and teachers should focus on securing learning, only moving on to the next conceptual step when pupils are ready, whilst also not limiting access to further mathematical content based upon external assessment criteria.
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