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Maths Summer Term CPD & Resources

Apr 12, 2024

Maths Summer Term 2024 CPD & Resources

In Generate Teaching Hub’s area we have three local Maths Hubs schools and trusts can contact:

  • Halton: Maths Hub Cheshire and Wirral
  • Warrington: Maths Hub Turing NW
  • Wigan: Maths Hub North West Three

Locally and nationally the maths hubs network has a huge range of resources, training and guidance to share with schools and trusts.

Ofsted Maths Report

This article explores what the 2023 Ofsted maths subject report advises on reasoning and how you can put it into practice.

Ofsted maths report

Checkpoints for Years 7 and 8

Checkpoints are diagnostic activities that will help teachers assess students’ current understanding, learn about the primary maths curriculum, and suggest ways to address any gaps that become evident. This article explains how to assess what your KS3 classes know and understand with NCETM’s Checkpoints resources.

Curriculum Prioritisation in Primary Maths

Watch this 2-minute video on curriculum prioritisation in primary maths on Vimeo. Loads more quick video resources can be accessed from this site.

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