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Nick Gibb ECF Letter

Nov 9, 2023

On 13th October 2023, the Minister of State for Schools, Nick Gibb, sent a letter to all schools in England updating them on the delivery and forthcoming developments to the Early Career Framework.

The Early Career Framework (ECF) is a 2-year, evidence based induction programme of training and coaching support for new teachers (known as ECTS – Early Career Teachers). Generate Teaching Hub delivers the fully funded, full induction programme to schools in Halton, Warrington and Wigan.

As well as thanking schools for engaging in the reformed programme and also that the DfE has committed to improvements including “greater flexibility in the number of training hours mentors are required to attend. Ensuring mentors complete training about how to be a mentor and the underpinning evidence of the ECF curriculum by the end of year one.”

He also announced the ongoing joint review of the Core Content Framework (CCF) behind initial teacher training and the Early Career Framework (ECF) is “aiming to achieve greater alignment between the two to ensure a more seamless sequence of development across the first three years of a teacher’s career.” This will update the evidence base and support the coherence of the trainees and ECTs.

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