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Early Headship Coaching Offer

Additional Funded Support for New Headteachers


Generate Teaching Hub is proud to be working with Best Practice Network to provide an excellent, bespoke option to the NPQ in Headship. Headteachers who meet the following criteria can access a package of structured, unassessed support and networking opportunities:

  • are in your first 5 years of headship;
  • are employed in a state-funded school, or are employed in a state-funded 16 to 19 organisation in England on starting the training;
  • have either completed an NPQH before taking up your first headship post or are currently taking one;
  • have not withdrawn from the additional support programme previously.
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Programme Content

Our programme offer with Best Practice Network is tailored to the needs of the individual participant. Participants choose a preferred pathway with access to elements from the areas below:

  1. Coaching conversations (one to one and/or small group).Expert-led conversations – phase and context-specific: headship framework area content
    1. School leaders powerful conversation
    2. Expert insights – headship core business, e.g. wellbeing for headteachers, governance, finance, HR, policy and report writing
  2. Peer network support and learning sets
  3. Access to the latest research and resources – including NPQH case studies and self-study modules

Focus of Headship Development

Areas of focus for the programme can be chosen from a menu of 11 topics:

  1. Developing school culture
  2. Behaviour
  3. Teaching
  4. Additional and SEND
  5. Organisational Management
  6. Curriculum and Assessment
  7. Working in Partnership
  8. Professional Development
  9. Implementation
  10. Governance and Accountability
  11. Efficient management of budget and resources

How to Apply

To apply individual applicants must complete a 2-step process:

1st Submit an application through BPN’s website. Please click on the button below.

2nd To confirm eligibility please register on the DfE portal – clik the button below.

Applications are now open for the February 2024 cohort.

Email to join our mailing list.

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