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Sep 10, 2021

Teachers starting in their first post this month (September 2021) are now known as Early Career Teachers (or ECTs for short). They are being enrolled on a statutory programme of training and mentoring for a 2-year induction period. 

Generate Teaching Hub is aware that there are still NQTs (newly qualified teachers) who began their first post in the last academic year but still have one or two terms of their 1-year induction to complete.

We are preparing bespoke support for what are now termed NQT+1s. In the meantime we recommend school leaders and NQT+1s take the following action to source support:

1. Communicate with your Appropriate Body for support and advice regarding compliance.

2. Access the online Early Career Framework (ECF) materials to tailor any in school mentoring or training to the individual NQT+1s needs. Teach First’s material can be found here, including videos, guide books and module resources. Other providers have also created free material here.

3. Contact your local partners, such as unions or your Local Authority to source training.

4. Sign up to our mailing list in the box on this page to get the latest news of resources and services from Generate Teaching Hub.

NQT+1s do not have to follow the new ECF but the materials and modules within these programmes will be of practical benefit to all new teachers.





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