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NW3 Maths Hub in collaboration with SIL Primary Oracy RIWG recruitment NOW OPEN

Jan 11, 2022

NW3 Maths Hub in collaboration with SIL Primary Oracy RIWG recruitment NOW OPEN

An exciting opportunity for schools in the Wigan area to join a Research Innovation Work Group (RIWG) in collaboration with the NW3 Maths Hub and School Improvement Liverpool.

Several reports have referenced that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on talking and reasoning and opportunities for Oracy within the classroom. NW£ MAths Hub is aware of the importance of teachers securing their understanding of the impact the specific pedagogy of Oracy has on pupils securing mathematical thinking, therefore our RIWG will explore the following research question:
How does Oracy deepen pupils’ mathematical reasoning?

Outline of the research
NW3 Maths Hub Research Innovation Work Group aims to develop a greater understanding of oracy and how supporting learners to understand and use mathematical language in structured stem sentences, sentence starters and generalised statements, can support their reasoning skills.

Intended Outcomes:
pupils demonstrate a positive attitude to maths
pupils articulate their understanding effectively
pupils show improved ability to reason using mathematically correct language
Curriculum planning integrates talk and reasoning at every stage, helping pupils to recover from COVID disruption

What is involved? ​
There will be 5 twilight sessions which will explore the role of oracy in deepening mathematical reasoning in more detail, alongside in-school activities, giving participants the opportunity to implement key strategies into their own provision. Participants will plan, teach and reflect collaboratively within the work group to develop their understanding of the role of oracy in mathematical reasoning and it is anticipated that each participant will share outcomes for targeted pupils to show the impact of these sessions on their own subject knowledge as well as evaluating the impact of their teaching on pupil outcomes.

Who can apply?
NW3 Maths Hub and School Improvement Liverpool would like to invite Primary Teachers of Wigan schools to join this Research Innovation Work Group starting in February 2022.

What are the expectations?
It is expected that participants and their schools commit to the full programme; attending all collaborative sessions as well as completing the in-school activities which are designed to ensure maximum impact from attending this Work Group.

How to apply

Schools interested in applying to be part of this Research Innovation Work Group should complete the google form below:

RIWG – Primary Oracy
Please complete the information below to register your interest in this Work Group

Alternatively please contact the NW Maths Hub 3: or by Friday 4th February 22.

NW2 Maths Hub is able to recruit 20 Primary Schools. Schools will be allocated spaces on a first come, first serve basis. Early applications are encouraged.

ALL Work Groups are FREE of Charge

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