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OECD School Absenteeism Seminar

Apr 12, 2024

OECD School Absenteeism Seminar 30th April

The OECD is hosting an international seminar on the post-Covid rise in absenteeism rates that education systems are experiencing around the world.

“Two-thirds of schools in the US are facing chronic absenteeism. In England, absences are 50% higher than before the pandemic, with more than one in five secondary pupils considered “persistently absent”, missing 10% or more of their hours of schooling. Even in Norway, which in the pre-pandemic era had successfully cut absenteeism by a quarter, four out of ten school principals are now very concerned about absenteeism in their school.”

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Addressing the challenge of absenteeism requires considering the context, causes, what support is needed and fostering school cultures that prioritises attendance and engagement.

In the online seminar, the OECD will share views from experts working to tackle the absenteeism crisis in communities in Europe and the United States.

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