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Progression in Primary Languages project

Jun 22, 2022

Spotlight: Progression in Primary Languages project

As part of the Progression in Primary Languages project, researchers are looking for state primary schools in England (who teach French, Spanish or German) to partner with to undertake a 4-year longitudinal study looking at children’s progression in language learning throughout Key Stage 2. The hope is that through the study, the team at the Institute of Education, University of Reading can build a detailed picture of how children’s language knowledge develops and the factors that affect children’s language learning (e.g. individual factors such as attitudes, motivation, cognitive ability, as well as wider context such as SLT attitudes, parental engagement and attitudes towards primary languages etc).

The project is keen to partner with schools who offer 45-60 minutes per week of language teaching throughout Key Stage 2 in one language (French, German, or Spanish), following a clearly defined scheme of work.

If you would potentially be interested, please complete the short expression of interest form hyperlinked below by Friday 24th June.

Expression of interest form

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