Recruitment & Retention Reports

Jun 28, 2023

Recruitment & Retention Reports 

In the Summer Term 2023, several national reports on teacher workforce recruitment and retention have been published.

Teacher Quality, Recruitment & Retention: Rapid Evidence Assessment

The EEF highlight a review published in June 2023, by a team of researchers from UCL exploring the global evidence base on recruitment and retention strategies. According to the review, offering financial incentives – such as higher salaries and performance and recruitment bonuses – could be effective for attracting teachers to roles in challenging schools.

1970s Working Conditions in the 2020s

The Commission on Teacher Retention, supported by Public First, has published its final report in June 2023. Entitled, 1970s Working Conditions in the 2020s: Modernising the Professional Lives of Teachers for the 21st Century, it combines qualitative and quantitative research into the state of the teaching profession to make 6 key recommendations to improve morale.

Teacher Tapp Recruitment Survey 

The Teacher Tapp and SchoolDash annual report on teacher recruitment and retention provides insights into the current state of the teaching profession in England. By monitoring job advertisements and conducting surveys with over 8,000 teachers, the report presents key trends and challenges and makes 6 key recommendations.

Working Lives of Teachers and Leaders Survey

This extensive report from the DfE presents the findings of the first wave of the Working Lives of Teachers and Leaders survey carried out in spring 2022. Findings are based on responses from 11,177 leaders and teachers. It explores in detail:

  • Teacher and leader characteristics
  • Leader and teacher workload
  • Flexible working
  • Pupil behaviour
  • Bullying, harassment and staff inclusion
  • Teacher and leader wellbeing
  • Job and career satisfaction
  • Future plans / Intentions to Leave
  • Career decisions
  • Teacher and leader pay
  • Career reflections
  • Training and continuing professional development

*Please note Generate Teaching Hub does not endorse all the information in these reports. The information is highlighted for education teachers and leaders to access and assess as appropriate.

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