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Apr 12, 2024

Research Networks April 2024 Update

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and the Research Schools Network have published a wide range of new resources, guidance and opportunities for schools in Halton, Warrington and Wigan to access.

New Implementation Guidance Seminars

Staffordshire Research School are running a number of sessions, face to face and virtual, to launch the new implementation guidance report published by the EEF. This will support school leaders to implement change effectively. The choice of events run from 29th April to 5th June 2024.

‘3 Minutes on Leadership’ Series

Commencing on Wednesday, April 24th, in sync with the release of the eagerly anticipated EEF Implementation Guidance Report, Staffordshire Research School are introducing a brief weekly email series. Each Wednesday, leaders will receive a concise, 3-minute read featuring leadership research insights, thought-provoking reflection questions, and additional recommended reading materials to enrich your professional journey.

Addressing disadvantage in the North-West 19th June

Blackpool Research School are hosting a conference involving a collaboration between all North-West Research Schools and the Education Endowment Foundation.
Taking place at Bolton Stadium on Wednesday 19 June 2024, the conference will feature a series of sessions aimed at all phases from Early Years to Secondary. These will focus on practical strategies rooted in evidence.

Addressing disadvantage in the North West 19th June

The keynote speakers are:

  • Sonia Thompson (headteacher of St Matthew’s, Birmingham) – ‘An ethic of excellence’.
  • Sarah Green (former EEF literacy specialist) – ‘The literacy gap’.

There is a wide range of topic choices in breakout sessions. Tickets are priced at just £80 (plus fees) including parking and lunch.

Navigating the Ofsted English Subject Report Recommendations

Great Heights Research School West Yorkshire have shared a response to the Ofsted English report. The Ofsted report evaluated the common strengths and weaknesses of English that Ofsted have seen in schools across the country. They recommend ways for school and subject leaders to further improve their English curriculum. Within this blog, some of the recommendations are explored with signposting to relevant reading and resources.

Promoting pupil progress with learning behaviours

“Shifting away from a short-term, reactive focus on stopping misbehaviour towards a clearly thought-out strategy for developing long-term positive learning behaviours will enable our students to have a greater chance to develop into successful learners.” 

Helen Thorneycroft, History teacher and Deputy Director of Kingsbridge Research School, explores the impact that explicitly teaching learning behaviours can have on students’ learning.

Right time, right place: proactive approaches to support social emotional learning

“SEL really matters, but unless we are intentional in our approach to teaching these fundamental skills are we leaving too much to chance?”

Donna Brown and Tom Gray from Exchange Research School at Don Valley Academy consider the importance of a thoughtful, proactive approach to developing children’s Social and Emotional Learning.

Improving behaviour: consistency is key

Blackpool Research School share a reflection on what the evidence tells us about the importance of consistent approaches to behaviour in schools.

Evidence in Action: Attendance Podcast

The EEF has published the latest episode of our podcast, ‘Evidence into Action’, focusing on school attendance. The panel discuss the complex topic of attendance and explore what the evidence tells us about the best ways to support it.

A New PSED in the Early Years Resource

Lauren Grocott, EEF’s early years specialist, introduces a new resource that summarises what research evidence tells us about effective approaches.

EEF PSED New Resource
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