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Research Networks March 2024 Update

Feb 29, 2024

Research Networks March 2024 Update

Empowering children through Oracy by Aspirer Research School

From the latest news shared by the Aspirer Research School, Lisa Hesmondhalgh considers in-depth the impact of teaching Oracy and how it gives confidence and a voice to primary aged pupils.

Supporting Disciplinary Literacy in Secondary Schools

Blackpool Research School highlights an introduction to a collaborative way secondary school leaders can create disciplinary literacy.

EEF Research Guides

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) publishes guides for teachers and school leaders to access the latest evidence based research in teaching.

Recent publications include:

Guide 1: Using Research Evidence: A Concise Guide

This gives teachers an overview of different types of education evidence, what they can be used for, and what their limitations might be.

EEF research guide

Guide 2: New Science Guidance from the EEF

A guidance report providing six practical recommendations to teaching science is available from the EEF.

EEF Research Call

The EEF are recruiting schools, colleges, and early years settings to take part in trials of 3 new high-potential programmes:

  • Mastering Maths (Post-16 settings)
  • Primary Sciences Quality Mark (Primary schools)
  • Mathematical Reasoning (Primary schools)

They are also subsidising programmes that have previously shown to have a positive impact on student attainment.

Search for your setting to find out which trials you could join.

Education Endowment Foundation

National Teacher Professional Development Research

The National Institute of Teaching has announced two key developments in their research of teacher professional development

  • Inaugural Research Agenda
  • Meta-Review on Teacher Education and Professional Development
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