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Specialist NPQs March 2024 Update

Feb 29, 2024

Maximising Your NPQ

We are now offering all five specialist NPQs for teachers in Halton, Warrington and Wigan.

This includes the new Leading Literacy and Leading Primary Maths programmes.

Specialist NPQ Suite

Recruitment for the Spring 2024 cohorts is complete and colleagues can express interest in starting the Autumn term 2024. Future funding announcements are due from the DfE shortly.

CPD after a Specialist NPQ

NPQs are a key part of a teacher’s career development. How the learning and inspiration from each programme is implemented and further progress is supplemented is key.

Generate Teaching Hub has produced a short guide to highlight some of the main options after a teacher completes a specialist NPQ.

Download our guide or watch the video.

A CPD handbook for school teachers and leaders who have completed a specialist NPQ
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