Core Content Framework

Core Content Framework


‘No one is born a great teacher…Great teachers continuously improve over time, benefitting from the mentoring of expert colleagues and a structured introduction to the core body of knowledge, skills and behaviours that define great teaching.’

The newly formed ITT Core Content Framework (CCF) and the Early Career Framework establish an entitlement to 3 or more years of structured support for future generations of teachers as they start their career.

Generate Teaching Hub School Direct has carefully designed and sequenced their ITT curriculum from the CCF, so that you will receive high quality training suitable to the phase and age ranges you will be teaching.

We want you to succeed in the classroom and our sequence of expert training has been designed to support your development in 5 core areas:

  1. Behaviour management;
  2. Pedagogy;
  3. Curriculum;
  4. Assessment; and,
  5. Professional Behaviours.

In addition, you will become familiar with the integration of additional analysis and critique of theory, research and expert practice.  It is also our statutory duty to ensure that you are fully aware of your duties in respect of safeguarding and equalities legislation.


To help prepare for your School Direct application we recommend choosing some high quality resources to read. We have produced a sample list for teacher trainees here.

Click here to download the list and choose a resource!

Reference: (2019) S Twiselton, J Blake, B Francis, R Gill, M Hamer, E Hollis, R Moore, J Noble Rogers. ITT Core Content Framework. Department for Education.

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