Mentor Support

Mentor Support


Generate Teaching Hub School Direct has formed a team of expert and trained mentors to work alongside each Trainee in placement and for the whole academic year.

School Mentors

School based mentors are suitably experienced practitioners who will support all Trainee Teachers in their Initial Teacher Training year.  Class based mentors are responsible for guiding and supporting trainees during their placements in school.  They will meet weekly with the trainee to discuss professional development, set targets and arrange observations of lessons.  This forms a cycle of continued improvement and final assessment towards the Teachers’ Standards for Qualified Teacher Status.  Schools will also provide a lead member of staff to coordinate and moderate the experience of trainees in school.

School Direct Mentors

In addition a small number of highly experienced professionals, most of whom are based in local schools, will each be responsible for a dedicated small group of trainees throughout the academic year.  They will have an excellent understanding of the requirements of each placement, monitoring and moderating Trainees across a network of professional learning settings. This provides consistency and a further level of support.

LHU Mentors

Generate Teaching Hub School Direct is allocated a mentor from Liverpool Hope University who is responsible for the liaison and quality assurance of provision and mentoring across a section of the partnership.  They will visit each Trainees in placement and ensure quality provision and parity in the assessment of trainees across the partnership.


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