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Incentives & Job Search

Incentives & Job Search

£250 Cash back

To support our trainees we have developed a unique, practical support offer.

We offer an incentive of £250.00 towards the purchase of an IT device (subject to conditions and eligibility).

This means trainees who need to purchase or upgrade their computer or tablet during the training year can access a cash reimbursement to assist with the cost.

Securing a Job

Applying for your first teaching position can be daunting but you are not alone.

The Generate Teaching Hub School-Based Teacher Training team will help and guide you through the process by offering training to help you to prepare for interviews.

We provide additional job hunting support in several ways:

  • We will provide a mock interview scenario with a Headteacher which will be as authentic as possible followed by in-depth feedback on your application and interview.
  • Working with a local school we also provide an observation exercise where you work with a group of children on a task whilst an experienced teacher observes your interaction – just as this will be for job interviews.
  • Both before and after the mock interview day we offer training sessions on application and interview techniques.
  • Sharing resources, examples and experiences for Trainee Teachers to absorb as they build their confidence for applying for the first job.

Finally, your Lead Mentor is also available to offer feedback and advice on your job applications (such as reading your draft personal statement).

Your First Position

All our Trainee Teachers move on from their year with Generate Teaching Hub School-Based Teacher Training ready for work; many securing jobs prior to the end of term.

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If you have any questions about the programme or application process please contact or call our team on 07897 280909.



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