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Market Reform of ITT

The Ongoing Market Reform of ITT

Through an expert advisory group and consultation, the Department for Education (DfE) conducted a review of ITT with the aim to make well informed, evidence-based recommendations to develop the teacher training system in England.

The review recommended a new set of quality requirements to be implemented by all ITT providers, to ensure a consistently high standard of ITT provision across the sector. The requirements cover a range of areas, including new mentoring. These will ensure that mentors are well trained in how to be a mentor and to understand the ITT Core Content Framework (CCF) and underpinning evidence, and the ITT curriculum the trainee is following, so that they can effectively support the trainee’s progress during school placements.

There are also new quality requirements relating to curriculum, assessment and progression of trainees, and quality assurance which are reflected in the updated ITT criteria and supporting advice for 2024/25.

ITT Market Reform for schools

Teaching School Hubs ITT Role

The remit of all Teaching School Hubs was expanded from September 2023, to include supporting the strategic development of teacher training in their local area.

Since that point, Generate Teaching Hub has been active in Halton, Warrington and Wigan. We have been collaborating with Accredited Providers, local delivery partners and neighbouring teaching school hubs to prepare for the reforms starting in September 2024. Further details will be announced shortly.

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