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Teaching School Hub 2028

Feb 29, 2024

Re-designation of our Teaching School Hub!

Well Done


Generate Teaching Hub is the Teaching School Hub for all schools in Halton, Warrington and Wigan. Our team is delighted to announce that today we have been awarded the continuation of the contract by the Department for Education for another 4 years!

In 2021, we rapidly established a new Teaching School Hub by working with local schools and trusts to form Generate Teaching Hub. Along with 86 other hubs in England, we were tasked with being the centre of excellence for teacher professional development in our locality.

We can now build on the strong collaborations established and provide a coherent offer of training and development to our 292 schools for a full 7 years through to 2028.

Locally Led Hub

Operating from a central team based in Warrington Primary Academy Trust we have concentrated on identifying local leaders and experienced practitioners to coordinate, plan, deliver and evaluate training to the profession, from entry point to executive leadership status. We have built a community of practice that is drawing more schools to give to and benefit from the teaching school hub.

Great Achievements

We are now half way through our third year of operation and we can reflect upon connecting so many teachers to services that enhance the quality of teaching and learning including:

600 Early Career Teachers enrolled on their 2-year training and coaching entitlement
500 Early Career Framework mentors provided with training and guidance
800 fully funded NPQ participants in 5 specialist and 4 leadership programmes
400 teachers’ inductions assessed as an Appropriate Body

Beyond the numbers we have seen of partnership form an Initial Teacher Training network, pilot a post-Early Career Framework peer development offer, support the creation of a Behaviour Hub and Early Years Stronger Practice hubs and commission an independent hub assessor examining the impact of all this on school and trust leadership.

Planning for 2028

We now look forward to making further plans to support teacher training reforms and deliver our Theory of Change to all schools across Halton, Warrington and Wigan.

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