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Year 1 ECTs – April 2023 Cohort

Oct 16, 2023

Year 1 ECTs – April 2023 Cohort

This news page is for all Early Career Teachers who are started their ECF programme with Generate Teaching Hub in April 2023.

Module 4

You are now in the second full term of your ECF and, no doubt, becoming a well-established member of staff in your school!

Module 4 of your ECF training really helps you to develop your skills in understanding where your pupils are at and what they need to do next to improve. You’ll carefully consider how you can use assessment and feedback to have the greatest effect.

Misconceptions, Questions & Feedback

This module will support your understanding of how to plan and respond to pupil misconceptions.

You will look at how to design effective questions which enable you to make valid informative inferences.

You will also consider how to use pupil feedback to adapt and respond to their understanding and decide next steps. So…what makes assessment effective?

Have a look at the work of Rob Coe, who is the expert for this module. Remember, assessment needs to be driven by purpose – why are you asking what you are asking? What do you want to find out?

Hinge Questions

Alongside the work on Brightspace, your seminar will have a deeper focus on hinge questions and how you can use these effectively to identify misconceptions. What common misconceptions have occurred in your classroom? How did you address them? Have considered common misconceptions in your planning?

Statutory Requirement

We do know that schools are very busy places and there are often conflicting priorities. However, the ECF is a statutory requirement, so it is essential that you attend all the sessions and continue to engage with the activities on Brightspace, to ensure that you fully meet the ECF engagement criteria.

As always, if you have any questions, require any guidance or support then do get in touch. Our team details are at the start of this bulletin – and we are always happy to help!

For any questions about your training or the ECF offer from Generate Teaching Hub please contact

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