Year 1 ECTs – January 2023 Cohort – November Update

Nov 22, 2023

Year 1 ECTs – January 2023 Cohort

This news page is for all Early Career Teachers who are started their ECF programme with Generate Teaching Hub in January 2023.

Almost Your 1 Year Anniversary

We are almost at the end of the Autumn Term and heading towards the Christmas Break. However, we all know that between now and then there will be so much to do in school. Whether you work with very young children, adolescents or young adults it really is a magical time of year. Amongst the “busyness” make sure you take the time to look back and reflect on how far you have come.

You are almost at the end of your first year as a teacher – CONGRATULATIONS! You will also be meeting with your Induction Tutor to complete your first Formal Assessment so take this opportunity to celebrate your achievements and progress over the last year.

Preparing for Year 2

After the Christmas Break, you will join our cohort of Year 2 ECTs.

Your sessions will continue to be online and you will move into Phase Specific (Primary) or Subject Specific (secondary) groups.

If you haven’t done so already, please can you contact Jen Hamer and let her know your phase/subject specialism. This will then ensure that you are placed in the correct group and you receive the right seminar dates and links.

Year 2 Induction

There are Induction Days at the start of Year 2 of the ECF for ECTs and Mentors.

Please add the following dates to your diary and further information will be sent out in due course.

For any questions about your training or the ECF offer from Generate Teaching Hub please contact

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