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Year 1 ECTs – January 2024 Cohort – April 2024 Update

Apr 21, 2024

Year 1 ECTs – January 2024 Cohort – April & May 2024 Update

This news page is for all Early Career Teachers who are started their ECF programme with Generate Teaching Hub in January 2024.

Welcome back!

We hope you had a restful and relaxing Easter Break with an opportunity to refresh and recharge ready for the busy term ahead.

Schools are learning communities and, as teachers, we are always learning. We are never afraid of trying something new if it benefits the children and young people in our care. As you enter your second term as an ECT, we would love to know what YOU have learnt over the last term.

What’s the one thing that you would share with other ECTs?

What have you done/heard/read/tried that has really impacted on your practice?

Get in touch and tell us! It would be great to share your stories with other teachers, then we can learn from each other. Email your thoughts to Jen Hamer 

What makes classroom practice effective?

As teachers we constantly reflect on and refine our practice, to ensure that our children and young people are achieving their full potential in the lessons which we teach. Throughout your ECF journey, you have the opportunity to engage with research, coaching and discussions with your mentor and colleagues to dissect the ‘magic’ of teaching.

One of the main goals of teaching is to develop pupils’ conceptual knowledge, but this can be particularly challenging for teachers, especially when teaching pupils about unfamiliar or abstract concepts. This is where high-quality explanations play an essential role.

It’s important to remember that we often learn what something is by knowing what it isn’t.

Through the seminars and resources of Module 3, you will learn how to further strengthen the quality of your explanations by using examples and non-examples effectively to develop pupils’ conceptual understanding.

For any questions about your training or the ECF offer from Generate Teaching Hub please contact

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