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Year 1 ECTs – September 2023 Cohort – April 2024 Update

Apr 21, 2024

Year 1 ECTs – September 2023 Cohort – April & May 2024 Update


This news page is for all Early Career Teachers who are started their ECF programme with Generate Teaching Hub in September 2023.

Welcome back!

We hope you had a restful and relaxing Easter Break with an opportunity to refresh and recharge ready for the busy term ahead.

Schools are learning communities and, as teachers, we are always learning. We are never afraid of trying something new if it benefits the children and young people in our care. As you are now in the final term of Year 1 of the ECF, we would love to know what YOU have learnt over the last year.

What’s the one thing that you would share with other ECTs?

What have you done / heard / read / tried that has really impacted on your practice?

Get in touch and tell us! It would be great to share your stories with other teachers, then we can learn from each other.

Email your thoughts to Jen Hamer 

Literacy Focus – Module 5

Did you know that by the age of 15, 25% of pupils have a reading age of 12 years or under?

Literacy acts as one of the key barriers to preventing pupils for accessing the curriculum and achieving success at school.

During this half term, you will complete Module 5 – Developing pupil’s reading and writing which will help you to reflect on how you are currently supporting all pupils to be successful. It will provide you with strategies that you can implement into your practice to further build or refine what you are already doing.

You will have the opportunity to consider how you can support your pupils by explicitly teaching strategic reading strategies and breaking complex writing tasks down into manageable steps. 

The materials for the module have been designed in conjunction with the Driver Youth Trust. The Driver Youth Trust are an organisation that seeks to improve the education system to achieve better outcomes for young people with persistent literacy difficulties.

Take a look at the work they do: Home – Driver Youth Trust

Driver Youth Trust

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