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Year 2 ECTs – March 2024 Update

Feb 29, 2024

Year 2 ECTs – March 2024 Update

This news page is for all Early Career Teachers who are starting their second year of the ECF programme with Generate Teaching Hub this term.

As you move through your second year of teaching, many of you will now be heavily involved in the wider life of the school. This may be through organising extra-curricular activities, intervention sessions, participating in community events or supporting other departments or phases in your school.
It’s great to contribute to school life in this way – teachers do so much more than stand in their classrooms and teach. Your impact and influence is felt in many ways, some which may not seem immediately obvious.

Never underestimate the impact of a reassuring smile in a corridor or a brief conversation on a playground. Each of these small gestures can have a huge impact on a young person’s day

Anticipating and Addressing Common Misconceptions

Anticipating and addressing common misconceptions within subjects is an important aspect of teaching.
Therefore, during your next Development Cycle, you’ll explore strategies that will support you in identifying and addressing subject-common misconceptions. You’ll explore the use of refutation texts, concept cartoons and using examples and non-examples. These strategies will be exemplified through subject or phase specific topics.

Building on from the work in Year 1 of the ECF, you will further develop your understanding of how you enable pupils to master important concepts, knowledge and skills.

Something to think about…

  • How do you know what misconceptions your pupils might have?
  • What techniques or strategies do you currently use?

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