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Initial Teacher Training Market Review

[NB: This page is for providers of teacher training]


On 1st December, the DfE announced their response to the Initial Teaching Training (ITT) Market Review consultation.

After a report was published in July, a consultation was opened and plans formulated from this to change the way ITT is accredited and the expectations of a Trainee teacher’s year updated. The plans now set out instigate a significant change in how providers of ITT are approved from September 2024. Some changes have been made to the initial report recommendations and additional funds to support some changes have been offered.

However, all providers will now need to re-assess how they meet the expectations of provision. Accredited Providers can now enter a process (via the DfE eTendering portal) of bidding to retain ITT status for 2024/25. Application rounds 1 and 2 will close on 7th February and 27th June respectively.


What will Generate Teaching Hub do?

As a Teaching School Hub we are required in our designation to maintain active involvement in the delivery of ITT. We currently do this as a School Direct provider with Liverpool Hope University as our Accredited Provider.

Additionally, each Teaching School Hub is directed to support local ITT provision and the DfE note in response to Recommendation 10 that:

“While we strongly encourage ITT providers to form relationships with teaching school hubs, we have listened to the feedback from the consultation on the logistical difficulties associated with this. It will not be mandatory for every provider to work with a hub. Providers should, however, be able to demonstrate how they have considered existing teacher development architecture, including teaching school hubs and other specialist hubs, in forming their delivery networks.”

Therefore in this period of re-tendering Generate Teaching Hub:

  • Would welcome all existing Accredited Providers of, and local partners in, ITT in our Hub area (that is Universities, School Centred Initial Teacher Training and School Direct providers) sharing with the Hub their intentions to bid for the new accreditation, or not.
  • Will advocate for coordinated plans to minimise the additional demands placed upon schools and their staff:
    • Mentors are a key aspect of training new teachers and the re-accredited process could create additional demands on experienced teachers. We would especially welcome newly approved Accredited Providers connecting their training of mentors and / or Quality Assurance planning so schools can continue engaging with more than one ITT provider.
    • The changes to the placement experience, especially the intention for intensive placements, needs careful planning to prepare schools in terms of placement requirements, staff involved and space required.
  • Will work with other neighbouring Teaching School Hubs to support Accredited Providers in making plans and seeking partnership working that ensures continued, sufficient high quality ITT provision in Halton, Warrington and Wigan.
  • Will share insight and understanding about the ITT Market Review, where possible, with local partners.
  • Will assist all local schools and providers not submitting for re-accreditation but interested in continuing a role in the delivery of ITT in our local area to find a suitable Accredited Provider to partner with.
  • Will continue to share information and highlighting resources to local ITT providers as the DfE’s plans are assessed and clarifications received.

Central to Generate Teaching Hub’s services are three core approaches; we use these as a template to collaboration and planning. We would encourage ITT providers to reference these terms in how they operate with schools:

i. Generating Improvement: We actively support progress in schools by encouraging innovation, the starting of new activities and inspiring continual improvement in teaching and learning practice.

ii. Generating Collaboration: We have a proactive attitude to communicating with a wide network of partners to sustain the sharing, learning and promotion of excellent practice.

iii. Generating Learning: We create local change, having an impact on improving outcomes for our schools, their staff and ultimately benefiting the children in our area.

The Next Steps

Together these actions will enable us to forecast provision and cover, as well as identify synergies or opportunities for cooperation amongst providers.

Until the DfE tendering process is complete in July 2022, we will not be in a final position to map who is providing ITT services from September 2024 in our Hub area. At that stage we will be able to identify opportunities or risks relevant to our local teacher workforce.

As this is a situation of national change, we do recommend local all ITT providers digest the report, attend information events and (where appropriate) contact their current Accredited Provider to begin considering their options and preferences. For reference, NASBTT has issued a statement on the DfE’s ITT plans and are themselves a valuable point of national support to ITT providers.


To communicate with Generate Teaching Hub about the ITT Market Review please contact Bernard Clarke on or call 07897 280 909.

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